I honestly think most of the internet is dead.
This isn't to say that it is truly dead but rather a shambling corpse of its former self.

Like let me put this straight, the internet isn't truly dead it has just changed into something worse and less free (as in what we are allowed to do on it) as we sit around on not even websites anymore but apps as social media services as we watch the last bastion of freedoms on the internet rot away.

Mainly because of just capitalism and just laziness on the part of everyday people and the fact that these social media services have exploited the human mind in such a way to endlessly milk us for profit.

To explain it's because of how we people are that the internet is the way it is whether you like it or not. Mainly because people prefer services over everything else like reddit and instagram and the like; not personal blogs where people have to make html or open up a word document to get their voice out there or go onto forums god forbid or image boards.

That part of the internet is just dead as we have been in this era of the zombie internet for a-long time. The era where smartphones ruined the internet as a-whole because it made it so accessible to everyday people to just socialize in a medium other than just via text messages or calling people or instant messaging people on a computer; and I do mean that smartphones ruined the internet. Mainly because they forced websites out of existence because looking at a website on your smartphone became a chore compared to just easily loading up an app as a social media service on your phone and direct-messaging your friends or posting to your page; and the sad part is? That this has allowed for censorship and more control from governments and capitalism to control what you can and cannot do on the internet. For example youtube has recently introduced new terms of service where you can't even motherfucking swear in the first 8 minutes of your video or talk about drugs at all even if it is related to real life events and true crime because it wants to attract more advertisers to its platform as we reach a recession in today's current economy.

Meaning that they will straight up demonetize your video and black hole it from public view to appease capitalism and advertisers because it makes them more money; and honestly this makes me sick to my stomach where I don't even want to watch youtube anymore after this because it kills a-lot of the incentive for the youtubers that I follow to even post on the platform or for me to even see them.

The more sad part is? People just accept it as is and just continue watching youtube despite the content just feeling like absolute trash now because youtube has limited the freedoms of content creators so much that they have effectively ruined creator's passion on the platform; and for what just to appease advertisers? Like Google can go effectively suck my fucking ass for doing this and I don't even have the recourse to go to places like odysee because creators like plaguedmoth want to paywall content on their patreon rather than just have it on another platform like odysee because so many people are still on youtube.

I don't know sorry internet for ranting to you about literally nothing and it's not like anyone is going to read this trash blog anyway.